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An open source library system used by universities, government and network libraries.

What is Koha?Koha instalacion

Koha is the first open source software for library automation 100% web. The development of Koha is supported by a growing number of libraries of different types and sizes, volunteers and support companies around the world. It is used worldwide by a large number of libraries, from small libraries that have few thousands of records to large university, regional and world libraries that have millions of records.

This integrated library system (ILS) provides a complete Web 2.0 based software solution, using an advanced RDBMS2 system software and the best technologies using an advanced and the best software technologies throughout its design, which facilitate the acquisition, maintenance and dissemination of library collections and digital collections.


Being an open-source ILS, Koha aims to solve their library organization. Provides a set of features that continue to evolve and expand to meet the needs of its users:

  • Solution based on Web 2.0. Only a browser for both the management and to access the catalog is needed.
  • It has all the modules for automated management: acquisitions, cataloging, circulation, inventory, periodicals, reserves, interlibrary loans and reports.
  • Complies with industry standards: MARC21, OpenURL, Rss/Atom, Z39.50, SIP2 , ensuring interoperability with other systems and technologies.
  • OPAC 2.0, that has tools that allow users a convenient way of searching and finding the catalog and library resources.
  • It has the ability to enrich the catalog with external resources, and provides tools for social participation. Allows to create scalable and fault tolerant architectures, thanks to its open source nature and  allows adaptations to the specific needs of each library.
  • The librarian can manage the library remotely using a mobile phone or a personal assistant
  • Koha handles a vast repertoire of reports and statistics favored by the use of a relational database.

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